March 1, 2016

Thanks to you Return on People will celebrate its 12,5th anniversary in 2016.

Coming April there will be an extensive interview with our founder which will be published in Banking Review.

There is a beginning, but no end...

Domo arigato gozaimashita !

Innovation Award 2012 has been awarded to the Mental Bridging© programme by the Royal Dutch Militairy Police

Outstanding results from TNO research on the Mental Bridging programme
In early 2012, academic research was done on Return on People’s Mental Bridging© programme by the Dutch Military Police, aided by renowned research company, TNO. In these times when there is increasing pressure on work staff, this unique programme, based on the Japanese Samurai Way of the Sword, provides an essential contribution to the balance and performance of employees and managers.

TNO research

Quantitative and qualitative research was done on a certain section of the Dutch Military Police at Schiphol airport.

From this research, after they had taken part in the training programme, the following conclusions were drawn:

1. There was a significant increase in their situational awareness (living in and being alert in the here and now)
2. There was a noticeably significant increase in a general feeling of well-being
3. It was noted that they trusted their own intuition significantly more

Time and energy was used much more effectively, which helped to create a better work environment as well as leading to better results, .... and all with a much better feel about it.

The Mental Bridging© programme

Stringent demands on higher management slowly seep down from the top to the lower ranks. Employees are increasingly driven to perform better and produce higher levels of growth. In situations like this, effective working (or learning how to work effectively) plays an important role. Return on People’s Mental Bridging© training concept, based on the Japanese Samurai Way of the Sword, focuses on raising the efficiency of employees in a working environment.

The training sessions delve into how employees can make full use of both the rational (left side of the brain) and the emotional (right side of the brain) capacity of their brain. By bridging both functions of the brain, employees are in a better state to be able to work effectively, creative thinking is stimulated and they can handle working under pressure easier. The potential to think, that Managers have but have not yet used, is released through doing exercises from the Japanese Samurai Way of the Sword. In this way output can be quadrupled. These very same principles are the basic reason why Toyota, the world’s biggest car manufacturer, is so successful.

The research company - TNO

TNO is an independent research company that leads the way in goal focussed innovation. Using unique research methods, TNO helps to improve the competitive strength of companies and organisations, to improve the economy and the quality of society as a whole.

Januari 2009, actualiteiten programma EenVandaag

Op 3 januari 2009 werd er tijdens de televisie documentaire over zingeving en werk bij EenVandaag aandacht besteed aan het succes van de programma s van Return on People in het bedrijfsleven. Kijk bij persberichten voor een clip van het stukje over Return on People.

December 2008, Albert Heijn Zaandam

Voor een groep management trainees van Albert Heijn heeft Return on People de interactieve lezing (persoonlijk) Leiderschap verzorgd.

December 2008, Financieele Dagblad

Voor enthousiaste medewerkers van het Financieele Dagblad heeft Return on People het praktijkprogramma Mental Bridging verzorgd.

November 2008, Europese Kampioenschappen IAIDO

Tijdens de Europese Kampioenschappen IAIDO in Zwitserland (23 deelnemende landen) heeft Bjorn Aris met het Nederlandse Team wederom een derde plek behaald

Oktober 2008, Siebel Juweliers Nederland

Voor het net verzelfstandigde Siebel Juweliers heeft Return on People een programma ontworpen rond de kernwaarden van Siebel, te weten fun, inspiratie, lef, succes en binding. De uitvoering vond plaats voor zo een 100 geselecteerde medewerkers tijdens de jaardag.

Oktober 2008, Nyenrode Business Spiritualiteit

Op verzoek van Paul de Blot, hoogleraar Business Spiritualiteit van Universiteit Nyenrode heeft Bjorn Aris een energie programma verzorgd samen met Paul de Leeuw, Europa s eerste en enige Shinto Meester.

Oktober 2008, KPN

Voor de afdeling Marketing SME SOHO van KPN heeft Return on People het programma Mental Bridging verzorgd. Het enthousiasme van de deelnemers na afloop van het programma heeft geresulteerd in een publicatie in de Dagkrant van KPN.

September 2008, Ministerie van Defensie

Voor de afdeling Customer Service Management van de Defensie Telematica Organisatie (per 01-10-2008 de Bedrijfsgroep IVENT), heeft Return on People het praktijkprogramma verzorgd, wat kon rekenenen op veel enthousiasme.

United Nations World Peace Day

Ter gelegenheid van de United Nations World Peace Day heeft Return on People op 21 september een benefiet sessie georganiseerd voor een geselecteerde groep yogi en geestverwanten.

September 2008, Marqit

Voor Marqit heeft Return on People het programma Mental Bridging en Persoonlijke Effectiviteit verzorgd.

Augustus 2008, is gelanceerd als aanvulling en verdieping op het Mental Bridging programma van Return on People is gelanceerd als aanvulling en ter verdieping van het programma Mental Bridging. Ontworpen om over meer Ki (energie) te kunnen beschikken aan de hand van eenvoudige snel aan te leren oefeningen.

July 2008, Capgemini en Telfort

Voor de samenwerkende afdelingen van Capgemini en Telfort heeft Return on People de training Mental Bridging verzorgd.

Juni 2008, Ordina directiegroep AOP

Voor de directiegroep AOP van Ordina heeft Return on People het tweedaagse programma Kaizen verzorgd.

Mei 2008, Nederlandse kamioenschappen IAIDO

Bjorn Aris behaald goud in de yondan divisie tijdens de Nederlandse Kampioenschappen IAIDO.

April 2008, McKinsey & Company

In Kopenhagen heeft Return On People een interactieve lezing verzorgd voor internationale partners van McKinsey & Company met als thema Where the West gets it wrong with the Toyota Lean principle.

April 2008, Universiteit Nyenrode

Wederom heeft Return on People met haar eigen programma gastcolleges verzorgd voor de parttime MSc studenten van Universiteit Nyenrode.

April 2008, McKinsey & Company

Voor de Nordic off site van McKinsey & Company heeft Return on People 2 dagprogramma's verzorgd gericht op succesvol en effectiever werken.

Maart 2008, Roche Pharmholding

Return on People heeft als nieuwe relatie Roche Pharmholding mogen verwelkomen met een eerste stormachtige sessie aan zee, waarbij het praktijkprogramma met enthousiasme werd ontvangen.

Februari 2008, Luchthaven Schiphol Six Sigma Black Belts

Return on People heeft voor de Six Sigma Black Belt groep van Luchthaven Schiphol het Kaizen trainingsprogramma mogen verzorgen.

Januari 2008, Resultaten onderzoek Universiteit Nyenrode, Air France - KLM en Logica

Uit onderzoek (2007; uitgevoerd bij Universiteit Nyenrode, Air France - KLM en Logica) blijkt dat het rendement van onze training meer dan 70% bedraagt. 86,3% van onze deelnemers past een of meerdere onderdelen van de training toe in het dagelijkse leven - zowel zakelijk als prive.

December 2007, WWF charity training

Return on People gave charity training, the enrolment fees were donated to the WWF.

November 2007, European Championships in Paris

Together with the Dutch team, Bjorn Aris came in third place at the European Championships Iaido in Paris; 18 countries participated.

October 2007, Board of Directors Canon Nederland N.V.

For the Board of Directors of Canon Nederland N.V. Return on People organised a training session focusing on the topic of Strategic Refocus.

September 2007, Air France - KLM Global Management Development Program

ALL TIME HIGH, Return on People?s programme as part of the Global Management Development Program for Air France-KLM?s High Potentials was awarded a 9.

September 2007, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Programme extended! Again Return on People gave guest lectures as part of the parttime MSc programme at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

July 2007, Rabobank Nederland Groep ICT

Return on People provided training to the management of the Rabobank Nederland ICT-department. The training 'Ownership' was aimed at enabling employees to carry out their work more independently.

July 2007, LogicaCMG

In conjunction with Logica CMG Return on People developed the Accelerated Change Enabling programme as part of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) programme. Return on people will lead this programme.

June 2007, Luchthaven Schiphol

Together with flick flack productions Return on People provided the successful training programme for the High Potentials of Luchthaven Schiphol.

May 2007, Dutch Iaido Championships

Bjorn Aris came in 1st place in the Sandan division at the Dutch Iaido Championships.

April 2007, Capgemini

Return on People organised an interactive lecture for the Financial Services department of Capgemini Nederland. One of the topic was Mental Bridging®, aimed at giving new meaning to Capgemini's vision: Capgemini will lead the way by providing clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results.

April 2007, Air France-KLM

For the third time, Return on People organised a seminar for a group of manager of BDO CO en GS. The seminar focused, among others, on client centred culture and effective management based on Eastern principles.

March 2007, MeerBusiness Event in conjuction with the DaVinci College and INHOLLAND Academy

At the Meerbusiness Event Return on People organised an interactive lecture on creativity and achieving your goals.

March 2007, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment (VROM)

Return on People gave an interactive lecture on stress management to the audit department of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment.

February 2007, Kluwer Management Tools

Return on People?s body of thought regarding management is incorporated in Kluwer Management Tools. The book was published in April 2007.

January 2007, Adecco BeNeLux

For the Board of Directors and management of Adecco BeNeLux Return on People organised an executive training Mental Bridging®. The programme was very successful.

December 2006, RABO Bank Nederland

Return on People provided the kick-off for the largest Siebel (CRM) project in the world by organising at Rabobank Nederland the decisive Mental Bridging® training.

December 2006, Sessie Support Nepal

Return on People organised charity training with the proceeds going to, which supports orphaned and street children in the Dharan area.

November 2006, Ormit

Participants in the Ormit programme (winner of the 2006 Best Traineeship) took part in an interactive lecture organised by Return on People. The topic was Work/Life Balance. As a result of the great success, several more such sessions will take place in 2007.

November 2006, DSM

Working together with ASI Consulting and Dell Arte Communications Return on People successfully organised an executive strategy session for DSM?s management.

October 2006, ABN AMRO Private Banking

Return on People organised a workshop for the Top Talents of ABN AMRO Private Banking aimed at answering the question: 'What do you need to be pioneer when it comes to changing a culture?'

October 2006, Transavia

Return on People provided training for Transavia's members of the board and management with the topic: Eastern Insights - making a difference with your own strength.

October 2006, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Programme extended! Again Return on People gave guest lectures as part of the parttime MBA and MSc programmes at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

October 2006, Veerstichting

The 500 participants of the symposium 'Emotion as a driving force', organised by the Veerstichting, took part in the interactive lecture by Bjorn Aris. The lecture was part of the first day of the symposium. Other speakers that day were: Ben Verwaayen (CEO British Telecom), J. Wang (advisor to president Hu Jintao) and H. Philipse (Professor of Philosphy at the Universiteit Utrecht). Chair for the day was Felix Rottenberg. The interactive aspect of the lecture, apart from the topic itself, created much enthusiasm among the participants.

October 2006, Gooiconsult

The nationally renowned training and consultancy agency Gooiconsult and Gooiconsult Navigator participated in a training programme by Return on People; the programmed was intended for managers, trainers and consultants.

European Championships Iaido in England

Together with the Dutch Team, Bjorn Aris came in 3rd at the European championships in England.

September 2006, KLM World Wide High Potentials

Again Return on people provided training for KLM?s World Wide High Potentials as part of their Focus on Your Future programme. The attendance of several Air France High Potentials was special; just as their colleagues at KLM, they also gave the training a high score: overall an 8.8, on a scale of 1-10.

June 2006, Kenia Airways

Return on People provided an exciting training session for the Kenia Airways and KLM East Africa management in Nairobi. Country managers from Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi also participated. The combination of Eastern wisdom and Western science can also be applied here!

April 2006, AEGON SC Bank

Working together with the chairman of the Board of AEGON SC Bank, Return on People gave an interactive lecture to more than 100 employees of the bank.

March 2006, KLM World Wide High Potentials

The follow-up training by Return on People 'Masterclass Eastern Insights' again received a high score from the discerning particpants.

February 2006, NS

Return on People, in conjunction with Management training centre ?De Baak? organised a two-day training programme for the High Potentials of Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways).

January 2006, Hogeschool Utrecht

Return on People provided a two-day tailor-made training for the Sales & Marketing department, focusing on insight and success in marketing? how does it work? The participants scored the training with an average of 7.6 (out of 10)

November 2005, Flevum Forum

During the symposium 'Achieving you ambitions' Return on People provided an interactive lecture with the topic: 'Cutting Edge Management'. Chairman was prof. dr. W.A.F.G. Vermeend.

November 2005, Rotterdamse Dansacademie CODARTS

A successful workshop was organised for all teachers at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie CODARTS.

October 2005, KLM

Return on People provided a two-day training for KLM Worldwide High Potentials. Participants felt the training was valuable, both in a business sense and at a personal level. The training scored an overall rating of 8.9 (out of 10).

October 2005, VNU

VNU is pleased to provide references on behalf of Return on People, after having had a very successful traing by them.

June 2005, Boston Consulting Group

The follow-up training by Return on people scored a high 8.1 (out of 10) by the employees of the Boston Consulting Group.

April 2005, Nyenrode Business Universiteit part-time doctoral and Master of Science programmes

The practical training sessions of Return on People have been included in the part-time doctoral and MSc- programmes at Nyenrode Business Universiteit

March 2005, Switzerland is second home base for Return on Peopl's training programme

The international programme provided by Return on People is highly successful in the Swiss business community, due to its transparency and practical applications. Several training sessions have been provided to different companies, both in the German and in the French-speaking parts of Switzerland.

December 2004, Book presentation 'Kennisproductiviteit: het effect van investeren in mensen, kennis en leren' ('Productivity of knowledge: the effect of investing in people, knowledge and learning')

The first copy of this book, which includes Return on People?s body of thought will be presented to Trude Maas, member of the Upper House, member of the supervisory boards of Philips, ABN-AMRO and Schiphol and President of the Hay Vision Society.

October 2004, Nyenrode Business Universiteit seminar 'Regeren is vooruitzien- Gouverner, c?est prévoir'

During this Nyenrode seminar Bjorn Aris will give to lectures on the topic of 'Gouverner, c?est prévoir'

October 2004, Achmea Customer Relationship Event

During the Achmea Customer Relationship event, Bjorn Aris will provide three lectures on the topic of 'mental fitness'.

June 2004, Knowledge management symposium

The article: 'Knowledge management: a combination of Western science and Eastern martial arts' was co-selected from all submission by the selection committee, headed by Paul Iske (Chief Knowledge Officer ABN-AMRO). In November 2004, all articles selected were bundled in a book, published by Pearson Education.