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Participants views:
"Clear and easy to use"
"Enlightening and easy to use at work (?) and in my private life"
"Surprising analogies between everyday practice (psychological techniques) and the physical aspect by using simplicity."
"Enlightening, creative, achieving self-awareness, using humour and being taught how to do it yourself."
"Great, super, excellent, calming, educational, far too short, I feel great!"
"To physically experience what your barriers are leads to recognition/acceptance and insight."


Over the past years I have interacted frequently with Bjorn and every time it resulted in fundamental new perspectives. Bjorns unique view on issues and people as well as his quick mind make him a very valuable counterpart and it is a real pleasure to exchange ideas with him.
Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Bjørn knows how to make you think and act. With all his knowledge and experience and the way he is (quick thinking, quiet, easy, humor, challenging), he is a good coach and trainer. It is going to be a tough day, far from boring, but you will learn and grow.
Pien d'Ailly, Owner at Wolff&d'Ailly, Executive Search, Wolff&d'Ailly, Executive Search

Bjørn combines the razor sharp mind of the former Venture Capitalist with the razor sharp skills of the swords champion he really is; the wisdom that comes with tough self discipline with the leadership skills of the entrepreneur. A rare individual who succesfully bridges cultures and mindsets to return the best on people. Dutch interpretation of Japanese added value from The Hague. An experience!
Vincent Hoek, Founder and CIO, Technology Solutions Europe

When I met Bjørn Aris it seemed as though our spirits met as well. It turned out very quickly we had corresponding notions about leadership, personal effectiveness, Lean and Agile. 
He gave an awesome workshop were we (members of WIC) physically and mentally experienced what it is to combine Eastern wisdom / philosophy with western entrepreneurship that is in balance. 
From that time on we kept in touch. 
I can recommend you to participate in one of his workshop wholeheartedly. Or read his insightful book
Mary Beijleveld, independent consultant / owner, ABC-thinkBIG

Bjørn has a warm and strong personality. In combining eastern philosophies with western management methods he triggers provocative thoughts and ‘’out of the box’’ self reflection. He has trained our entire staff (16) in a unique and inspiring session, which permanently strengthened group-feel and teamwork
Paul Weststrate, Owner, Awareness adviesbureau voor beleidsmarketing

Bjørn can contribute to personal development an experience that touches at a deeper level. The way he works inspires through humorous and relaxed introductions and direct but gentle confrontation
Monika de Waal, Personal Leadership and Organizational Development

'Bjorn uses martial arts in highly effective ( management ) trainings. He ran a workshop for us in Kenya with sales managers who needed to cooperate and work better together. The issue at hand was a lack of trust. Bjorn showed the group the solution!.'
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Pieter de Man General Manager Eastern Africa at KLM - Air France

'As a coach I have worked closely with Bjorn on several occasions. I have come to appreciate Bjorn as a truly committed human being - striving for excellence in his life and in the lives of the people around him. His sense of humor and fearlessness to walk new paths should be a inspiration for any professional.'
Yvonne Jordan, Information Manager Intra/Internet, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals

'Original seminar that helped us build our team.'
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
Mark De Smedt Chairman at AG Johnsen AG

'I've worked with Bjorn at the start of Return on People. Not only is Bjorn fun to work with, his personality and professionalism are of the highest standard. He's created a working standard of his own: playful professional. Beyond that his expertise and experience, combined with a strong overview, make him an extreme strong reflection partner.'
Ingmar Dobbelaar, Entrepreneur, Samsara BV

'I have come to know Bjorn as a very balanced, energetic and highly professional and pleasant person. Bjorn has got the incredible gift and ability to inspire people in the right way which that person individually needs. He gives the people the knowledge and the confidence to do things which they thought they could never do. He lets people experience the freedom of the mind and spirit and to use that experience in their daily routine with how to deal with situations, people and the essence of life. He brings the East closer to the West. Bjorn really makes a difference.'
Tamara E.P. Kuperus, PA President & CEO,

'Bjorn is a dynamic and inspirational individual. Though open minded, he is committed to be a change in the world. He brings his experience to provide insights that lead to your next step. Top inspiration.'
Taco Wiersma, Advocaat/Partner, Wiersma Van Campen Vos Advocaten

'I have known Bjorn throughout most of my 16 year working career. I have seen him grow from a finance professional into an all-round business person. He harbors a multitude of talents, key ones being: the ability to execute, to let people discover their true competence and to grow an idea into an invoice.'
Frits Willem Bakker, Global Account Director, Worldcom (Verizon)

'Bjorn has this incredible drive and enthusiasm that inspires others. With his well balanced and unconventional training sessions he has helped our team move forward in terms of personal effectiveness and group spirit. If you're looking for an unexpected experience and a great day that will help your team and which they will not easily forget I certainly recommend Bjorn.'
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Roderick Wijsmuller Publisher IT Portfolio (Computable, Emerce, CRN) at VNU

'Bjorn showed us how to make more of your time at work and your career. Not by working harder but by relaxing at specific moments and therefore decreasing the level of stress.'
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
Michael Lentze, notary public

'Bjorn is the kind of guy you want to work with and talk to every day. He knows everything about emotional and rational aspects as he combines the western commercial world and the eastern 'spiritual' world. A guy who inspires me every time I work with and talk to him.'
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Karen de Loos

'Bjorn and I have worked on several occasions and every time I'm amazed of his insight in corporate problems and solutions. Also his energy and enthusiasm is really motivating and makes it a pleasure to work with him. The practicality and sophistication of his training sessions are well known and I'm sure that even more people will benefit from it in the near future!'
Sander Martens, Owner, 1-2-All Training & Events

'Bjorn, is a visionary person who is very capable of reading the individual or teams character and dynamics and by analyzing it translate it to actions for the business situation at hand. In addition, a great person to work with!'
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Catherine Beriere

'Bjorn has performed the Martial Arts workshop within KLM's Commercial MD-program for high potentials, entitled "Focus on your Future". At the start of this annual program, this has proven to be of great value in the opening up of our staff into their path towards a deeper and clearer understanding of their challenges.'
Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative
Lucas Van Wees Vice President Human Resources Commercial and Global at KLM

'Bjorn inspires and is result driven. East meets west.'
Rolf Metz, Director, Ecart Invest

'Bjorn's profound knowledge and excellent skills concerning both the corporate world and the world of the Japanese sword make him an ideal partner in helping you to get or keep your company on the right track. Ichiban!'
Marc Jongsten BUDO in business

'Bjorn is not your average professional. He is an outstanding professional. He gets people to truly connect with their inner selves through breathing and motion. Both being partners on international Management Development programs I obtain very enthusiastic comments when my clients first attended one of Bjorn his unique group sessions. I highly recommend Bjorn if you want to create a true difference for your people...'
Linda Dubois, Personal Coach and owner, Dubois Coaching