Our vision

There is a huge range of training services, but what is the return?
In business large amounts of money are spent on training employees, but is it effective? And why is don't they use this knowledge?

The reason is threefold. First of all, employees are pushed into accepting a methodology. Return on People feels that when it comes to sales, that there is no one way of selling a product; there is only your best way of selling. Be true to yourself, work from your own strength, not with force. Secondly, often there is not enough attention paid to drawing on the participant's intrinsic motivation. Only if you are convinced that you want to learn something, (rather than being forced to), will you retain AND use the knowledge more effectively and more quickly. And third, in most training sessions the rational aspect of knowledge is what is focused on the most. Return on People believes that this knowledge is useless if it is not absorbed. Only if you are able to apply the knowledge subconsciously, a person's thoughts move ten times faster in their subconscious, then the knowledge can and will always be used in every situation.

In the past, people acquired a number of skills during their education and during their careers, they would regularly attend further training sessions. That time, however, is long gone. The world changes constantly and the speed of change is forever increasing. The average person can no longer handle dealing with each and every specific situation. Meta-knowledge is therefore essential. Every person needs to find the right answer for himself, in every situation

This way of knowledge transfer is not really new. This was how knowledge was transferred centuries ago. Only with the invention of script and later on with the invention of typography, was knowledge transferred in a cognitive manner. Prior to that knowledge transfer was done through practice and by using metaphors. This is how knowledge is absorbed subconsciously and how someone can apply the knowledge at any time and under all circumstances. The trick is how to combine these two forms, cognitive and intuitive, of knowledge transfer. Only then will knowledge really be absorbed.

Return on People provides the answer to these challenges. It provides razor-sharp insights in conditioning and in the common traps in communication; it provides insight in handling factors that limit people and teaches you to answer all questions correctly. Return on People's training not only fills you up with knowledge it also frees you up, allowing you to do your job based on having an overview, on being balanced and on working proactively. Using exercises from martial arts, concepts and insights are explained and experienced. In conjunction with theory, these experiences then find their place in your subconscious, enabling you to instantly utilize these insights.

Return on People provides the perfect combination of Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge.