Who are we?

Return on People is a young innovative management training organisation; its programmes are based on 20 years of business and life experience.

Return on People not only organizes communications and personal effectiveness and leadership development training, but also provides lectures, events, workshops, team building sessions as well as managing/guide/oversee, etc. etc. of change management processes.

Our programmes are tailor-made and are unique in their practical approach. We not only explain the theory, but in the practical sessions we use the Oriental martial art of Iaido. By experiencing the theory in practice you will better retain what you have learned. And it provides an opportunity to link the theory to your daily routine. Research (2007 among participants of Air France-KLM, LOGICA and Business Universiteit Nyenrode) shows that 70% of what is taught during the training is remembered, and 83% of the participants will put what they have learned into practice.

Using Eastern wisdom together with Western science creates new insights for the participants. This in turn allows you to consider challenges in a new and creative light, while focusing on working efficiently. This breakthrough, usually achieved in the last stage of the training, is the starting point for a new way ahead.

Bjørn Aris
Bjørn has been studying Eastern martial arts and Zen philosophy for more than 29 years. He has been amongst Europe’s top practitioners of the art of iaido within his league, the Japanese Way of the Sword. Since 2000, he has been working as a trainer and coach to middle and higher management in the business world. His strength lies in knowing how to combine Eastern ideas with his practical experience as a successful entrepreneur and a 12 year career as an investment banker.