Communicating effectively:
Training for clear communication

This program will teach you how communication and behaviour comes about. You will gain an understanding of your and other people's way of communicating, this understanding will allow you to guide this communication; this, in turn, will result in more effective teamwork. It will lead to more efficient processes which are more enjoyable and are carried out with less effort and stress. Understanding the other person is vital when it comes to clear communications and more effective teamwork. But in order to understand the other person, you need to first gain self-awareness. What are your own values? How do you respond and why? How do you behave and why? The answers to these questions are influenced by, among others: natural and acquired conditions/constraints, circumstances, personal style and that of the other, the ability to be proactive or reactive, motivation, flow and stress.

By using theory and practical exercises, you will learn how communication and behaviour can be influenced effectively in every day life.