Change management in the real world

The world around us changes constantly. People and companies are continuously required to change. The training 'change management in the real world' shows you where to look for pitfalls in the process of change and teaches you how to deal more effectively with these changes. The training will also teach you to use your own existing attributes.

During the practical session of 'Change management in the real world' you will, physically, experience the insights mentioned above, the theory will be further explained and you will be shown how to apply them. This is done by using techniques from the Eastern martial art of iaido as a metaphor. You will gain insight in your own limiting aspects, and you will be able to achieve balance and overview, allowing you to develop a proactive attitude. At the end of the day you will not only have been handed tools enabling you to use this new-found knowledge the very next day, you will have gained new insights as a result of the combination of Eastern knowledge and Western science.