“Working more efficiently does not only deliver success but
also more of what is really important: time”

Mental Bridging © training

The Mental Bridging© training programme is a fast and effective method to get more return on your people. Algorithms, data mining and robotization are seen as the holy grail for success in companies because they provide better business results and more profit. The Mental Bridging© programme goes even further and immediately delivers more profit, better company results and more happy employees, and satisfied customers. The scientifically recognized programme helps to unconsciously switch unlocked potential ‘on’ within your employees, resulting in much better results. We use existing meta-algorithms to achieve this.

Left and right

The basis of this method is the ‘bridging’ of the left (rational) and right (emotional) side of the brain, which directly appeals to people’s creativity and problem-solving ability. The Mental Bridging© training programme leads to more awareness, focus, proactivity, a helicopter view, inner strength, a happier life, less fear and being able to cope better with work pressure. It teaches you to get more out of your life and how you can work more effectively. During the training sessions, we pay attention to a different way of thinking, behaviour, communication, stress, breathing, having an overview and conditioning. We translate all this to the workplace. By the end of the programme, participants will have become aware of a number of inhibiting factors in themselves and their environment that interfere with functioning well and working together with colleagues. They learn tools to practically apply what they have learned and to change their behaviour where necessary.

Proven to be effective

The Mental Bridging© programme has been successfully applied by people from more than 60 different nationalities across various continents. The measurable effects of this original Eastern approach have been scientifically proven since 2006 in various studies. The Mental Bridging © programme has been validated through TNO and received an innovation prize in 2012. Proven to be effective, with guaranteed results. As well as delivering more success, this programme also delivers more of what is really scarce: time.

Knowhow of Lean Course

Making things complicated is easy. Streamlining an organization usually is not. The Lean course helps your organizational culture to shift from ‘pressure’ and ‘difficult’ to ‘calm’ and ‘easy’. You tackle problems at their root instead of fighting symptoms, without having to compromise and with guaranteed results.

The success of your organization depends on the performance of your most important asset: your employees. The real know-how of Lean does not see employees as a purely economical factor but builds a bond between people and organization. Which is precisely what results in more success: using time and energy more effectively contributes to a better working environment and a higher operating result. Employees will feel better, and customers will be more satisfied.

The Toyota way

The proven, successful Lean organization style that we know from Toyota actually comes from the ancient martial arts practice of the Japanese sword. By cleverly using meta-algorithms, a better working process is created with more satisfied customers and a more effective working style. As a Lean coach, I teach you which techniques really do work and what you should not do. By doing this, we go beyond short-term thinking that is the norm at companies today, and we take a creative look at the question: how do you differentiate your company with all the services that are available via the internet?

Focus is the key. Organizations are often only concerned with peripheral issues and symptom management, instead of tackling the causes of problems. Enzan no metsuke – looking at a mountain in the distance – is a method derived from the art of the Japanese sword that teaches you to act from taking an overview. That way you can focus on the real problem. And save your time.

The Lean course gives you insight into the know-how of Lean. In order to really take Lean on, behavioural change is necessary – a cultural change. The Mental Bridging © programme, that has been running since 2004, is the next step: it helps to use lessons from the ancient art of the Japanese sword to apply Lean to your organization

(Personal) Leadership Training

During the (Personal) Leadership Training programme, you learn how to become an effective and authentic leader. You will define a clear vision and let go of old management styles to achieve better results.

Leadership is a very different concept to management. Nevertheless, they are often used interchangeably. Management is mainly about managing processes and employees, a pitfall in the current business world. It is also often crisis management: short-term thinking with the aim of fighting symptoms, without looking at the cause of problems. Leadership has to do with releasing that way of thinking and going for long-term improved results with a deeper foundation.

During the Leadership training course, you develop a clear vision that will help your organization to advance, while keeping in mind the real capital of your company: the employees. This will help you develop into an authentic leader and to get the most out of your employees. In this trainingprogramme the goal is to let go of the Western way of being a manager that we know. In doing so, we use principles from the art of the Japanese sword, so that you can experience the insights you will have acquired directly and apply them in practice. The (Personal) Leadership training course gives you techniques and insights that you will be able to use immediately.

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